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supporting clipping events (optimization/panning)

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supporting clipping events (optimization/panning)

Postby Hooray » Mon Sep 24, 2012 11:32 am

It would be good to expose some clipping-related events/info - such that the canvas communicates to the property tree if a child group is clipped from the current view (partially/fully) or if it's fully visible.

The idea is this: panning (or a moving map) will usually involve changing the center of the map, so that certain objects become visible and others invisible (partially).
Without having a good concept/data model, that would normaly require that we write tons of data to the tree, - and refresh things regularly. Pretty inefficient.

Now, it would be trivial in Nasal to register a listener to an "clipped" (true, false) property to update groups dynamically, and then adding data on demand in a lazy fashion. So that groups would be made aware of being clipped or not.

Sort of, that's the approach I currently use in my patched version: I add "empty" groups to each layer for airports and navaids, and only add data if the layer is visible - so that loading "KNUQ" without the "taxiways" checkbox selected, will not write any data to the canvas tree - only after checking the box, will the data be loaded - and from then on, the group will just be made in/visible when toggling the checkbox.
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