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Scaling down a copied canvas for use in a GUI widget?

Canvas is FlightGear's new fully scriptable 2D drawing system that will allow you to easily create new instruments, HUDs and even GUI dialogs and custom GUI widgets, without having to write C++ code and without having to rebuild FlightGear.

Scaling down a copied canvas for use in a GUI widget?

Postby Hooray » Sun Aug 05, 2012 3:38 pm

Omega95 wrote:And can I scale the canvas down in the gui? The actual fmcScreen is of 1024x1024, but I want it to be shown as 400x320 in the GUI.

Yes, that's possible - you don't need to use the same scale, you can directly change it in the property tree or use the methods in api.nas - after all, it will be a COPY of the other canvas,right?
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