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Discontinuity in the weather

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NOAA/GRIB data; (was Discontinuity in the weather)

Postby Richard » Fri Dec 07, 2018 1:41 pm

Just been having a look at this NOAA/GRIB data and found - from a quick look at the sources (GPL) it seems to have the basics for decoding the GRIB format files; although I think it uses an intermediary server to interface with NOAA

From a quick inspection it seems like this data (providing that it stays online) could be quite useful;

I'd like to hear Thorsten's opinion on how useful the NOAA data could be, not just the winds but any of the data (current and forecast). I'm also going on the record to say that it is my opinion that AW is great.

What interests me here is expert and scientific views on what could be possible with this data; rather than opinions about how great this data could be if it worked; i.e. the feasibility not the results.

This is the NOAA page

This is zygrib running; the data for this area was ~1.5mb; parameters as follows:
* lat (82, -43), lon (-158, 179)
* resolution 2
* interval 24h
* period 1 day
* NOAA-GFS standard (all)
* NOAA-GFS altitude (all).
* FNMOC-WW3 waves (all)

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