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Postby Thorsten » Fri Aug 26, 2011 5:45 pm

Since the stunt challenge seems to be popular, and people like posting their screenshots in threads like the calender, here's some new challenge which I think might be interesting: Given a theme, post the best screenshot you can come up with according to the following rules:

1) The screenshot must be an actual frame from a running instance of Flightgear. It can be cropped or altered in size, but it may not be altered or postprocessed in any way.

2) Flightgear however may be altered in any way you wish (in fact, this is explicitly encouraged) - you may modify materials.xml, you may use custom scenery, you may use your own textures, liveries, your own aircraft currently under development, your patch to the core, ... The only condition is that it's understood that whatever you did is eventually made available to others - i.e. in case you have generated a livery which you intend to sell to others, you may not use it here. Any version of Flightgear is okay.

3) Flightgear does not need to be run in the configuration you actually usually fly with - for the purpose of the screenshot, you may run settings with 1 fps which you would not fly otherwise.

4) The screenshot must be related to the challenge theme and to aviation (don't just go there with the ufo and take a shot).

The period of the challenge is one week - after that time, the best shot will be picked by a jury (currently yours truly, but if there is sufficient interest also others) and appear in the newsletter. I hope that this is going to be interesting and we get to see high-quality screenshots!

The first challenge theme is 'forest': Post the best shot of an aircraft in forest scenery you can generate - doesn't matter if from low or high altitude, from inside th cockpit or from the outside - just make it appear as realistic as you can manage!
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