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Need help for an instrument scale

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Need help for an instrument scale

Postby Maerchenprinz » Sat Sep 01, 2018 3:00 am


I need help on how to make this scale:
it's nothing else but ranging from 0Hz and 0° to 160Hz and 1035° (2 5/8 turns) (and at 80Hz and 655°).
The distance (angle, range...) from 0-4Hz is way bigger than the distance between 156-160Hz)., so this looks like a logarithmic scale to me.

(I'm bad with logarithms, so bad that I even can't tell if that's logarithmic at all!)

Unfortunately, the letter combinations ln and log became taboo to me at school...
All I have to do is to make a texture instead of using this handmade picture... Is there someone who can give me a basic formula of that?
It's from this instrument, called ARK-11, a radio station that mostly serves as an "ADF", though can also be used to transmit/receive communications via telephone/morse signals.
It:s already implemented in our plane at ... aft/an24b/


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