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>Com1/2 NOT working with&without RGATC on EXTRA 500

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>Com1/2 NOT working with&without RGATC on EXTRA 500

Postby Giorgoman » Fri Jan 17, 2020 12:37 pm

having a problem with the Com1/2 Radio in the EXTRA 500 Airplane.

I´m using FG 2019.1.2. and the only addon ( expect sceneries ) is the Red Griffin ATC addon.
Flying with this great plane, but unfortunatelly get always the same message " no radio tuned"
but the radios are on, a green sign on the radio is "on" and the corect Freq. is tuned too ......

The Nav Radios are working as they should and I can click on the Rariopanel Nav1 so that I get the morse "peep"., so its working.....

The Com Radios are also ingame reconized and I can swich com1 and com2 buttons, but no effect.....No ATIS and nothing......

some pictures here: + + ( look at the pictures: "Instrumentation + Instumentation/COM"and compare ingame with your plane "Instrumentation/COM" ) In my system are some thigs/informations missing.....

The Freq´s. for the NAV are adjustable on the Keypad in the middle console as well as for the COM Radios Ingame reconized and shown in "Instrumentation/COM/FREQUENCIES...

No ATIS no ATC ....

Pls, can some one help me with this issue ?

Thanks a lot in advance


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