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FGX Install on Windows

Postby housefatherof6 » Wed May 08, 2013 5:50 pm

Originally posted this on Have a question on Windows 8 viewtopic.php?f=65&t=19865. but well do a cut and past here.

Does the FGx work on windows 8. Notice you have it for windows 7.
Do you have any Documentation or snap shots as to were you point to the scenery and terrasync files and any other info on how to set the start up pages and tabs.
Have Hp windows 8 64 bits AMD a6-5400k accelerated processor 3.6gz turbo up to 3.8gz. with 8GB of memory and AMD Radeon HD 75400 Graphics card With up to 4GB Graphics System Memory.

I did find some screen shots that both gral and Oscar posted for Mac osx system ... 0&start=15

After I installing FGX posted this:

I did download FGX, already had Flight gear 2.10 installed. FGX seem to run a lot faster but notice on the right side where the pic of plane is suppose to be was blank. Did some searching up on the board here and found that I need download Sqlite binaries in two post ... 65&t=12529 and ... 65&t=12445 for aircraft and airport list in data base. Both point to Have a few questions.
1. at the site there are three binaries listed under windows one the command shell, the dll and the analyer, which one do I download, all 3 or just the command shell?
2 Since I have already install FGX do I need to uninstall it and then reinstall it after I have download and installed the need sqlite binaries?
3. gral posted INSTALLATION:
- download .zip and unzip - put all content of the folder to your FlightGear directory - doubleclick "fgx.exe" ... 65&t=12445, when I installed FGX it install in my appdata local directory is this where it's suppose to install or should it be install in the FlightGrear directory?

Thanks ahead of time for anyone that can help me out.
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