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FGx 2.10.0 for OSX

A launcher for FlightGear.

FGx 2.10.0 for OSX

Postby gral » Tue Feb 19, 2013 9:21 pm

Hi all

Here is the download link for FGx 2.10.0 for OSX >= 10.5 (intel) with FlightGear included:

Please report issues to our separate FGx bug tracker:

Give it a try, have fun, but as always no warranty.
(It's not widely tested yet, we need your help for this.)

Thanks - gral

EDIT: FGCom is not working with this version unfortunately, because path to fgcom-data for mac bundles has changed to the right location in fgcom source. I will update this with 2.10.1, meantime a quick fix is to right-click the FGx application icon and go to folder and move the fgcom-data folder to But also then, at the moment there is a strange issue with fgcom with all versions with a "Call disconnected by remote" error. This needs to be fixed first, and is not FGx/fgcom related I guess.
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Re: FGx 2.10.x for OSX

Postby VelAir » Fri Jul 19, 2013 7:59 am

Good Day Mr.Gral,
Downloaded Fgx 2.10.x from
SUCESSFULLY Installed and when i launched the FGx and filled up all the informaion on the launcher window and when i started the launcher, what a beauty of this launcher i am really very satisfied with the contents as of date FGx 2.10.x is a beauty and i could fly the 777-300ER precisely.
Thank you so much Gral.
Now let me focus on the FGCom for the quick fix you recommend and i will write to you about the outcome.

Thank you once again,
Best Wishes
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Re: FGx 2.10.0 for OSX

Postby patrick24601 » Sat Nov 02, 2013 3:44 am

None of these files are available. After the mavericks upgrade it appears that flightgear for Mac OSX is unuseable. The icon that I used to double-click on never launches anything. Has anybody been able to get it to work?
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