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FGx multiplayer map and crossfeed client

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FGx multiplayer map and crossfeed client

Postby gral » Thu Jan 17, 2013 1:06 am

Hi all

Maybe some of you already know, we are developing a new multiplayer map based on OpenLayers and a new "realtime" multiplayer crossfeed client. The benefit of the crossfeed client is that it does not affect the multiplayer servers load in any way, it feeds the map in realtime on a special fmgs port beside the regular fgms feed already known for current multiplayer map. And the benefit of the new OpenLayers mapping is that the flightgear multiplayer map will run with a real open source mapping API for further development, without any need of running a fgms server or - most important - dealing with the Google Maps API and associated scripting.

Our intention is sharing an completely open systen and anyone who wants to contribute to a cool and contemporary future multiplayer map can join this development now.

Some specs:
- The crossfeed client is feeding a postgres/postgis database, but it also feeding via JSON with this testing url i.e.:
- Cross domain feeding on this server is accepted trough CORS get requests, so you can get the the json of current flights from any location, also locally for testing your map development
- The current dev mapping suite on the server is based on OpenLayers, basic OpenStreetyMap layers and a public airport and navaid database based on xplane and ourairports data

You can get crossfeed and test map (very basic WGS84/EPSG 4326 map currently!) trough "git clone" for a starting point, for a very basic test multiplayer map running locally have a look to directory /test.

In case you want to help to improve the map, the code, the application, the docs, whatever - please, please! send use a short message via mail or PM. Mainly we're interested in javascript, python and or rails front-end developers now, but there are so many places to join the team ... We are working with OpenLayers trunk, Mapnik 2.1, TileCache, Postgres 9.2 and Postgis 2.0. When you think it is time to dive into one of this mapping techniques, or when you're already familiar with, please do not hesitate to join this FOSS flightgear side project immediately. Much much appreciated. As a developer you will get free access to whatever you need on our servers (almost) ;-)

Thanks a lot, gral
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