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FGx needs contributors

Postby gral » Wed Sep 05, 2012 11:59 pm

Hi all

FGx is growing, but we need more contributors. When you like to help to improve FGx there are many places to help. You don’t need C++ or Qt experience to help the launcher, there are many other ways to enhance it:

Test all the features, command line and startup options of FGx with your system and your FlightGear installation and post tickets in the FGx tracker:
No, you don’t need to find bugs 8) Also feature requests and ideas for better usability are welcome any time !

Wiki/User Docs
Help to write user documentation in the FGx wiki. Open an account at and start with your writings. We use Chili now for the FGx main site, this is an easy and fast open source project management system. The setup task is not finished yet completely as you will notice, we will work on appearance and content continuously the next weeks. (If someone wants to act as "Manager" of this site you’re welcome anytime, so we can concentrate on other parts of the project.)

We need more contributors in FGx "core", i.e. there are many FlightGear options still missing, "what’s this" is mainly a stub (this is a really easy part to dive into and don’t need that much C++ experience), the openlayers map interface needs more features displayed (hey, openlayers/javascript map developers, this is your place!), we need a built-in aircraft and scenery update system and a lot more.

Feel free to join us at, channel #FGx or send private message here and elsewhere, we will care about every question and discuss every idea coming from you.

Thanks, gral
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