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FGx 2.8.0rc1 for OSX

A launcher for FlightGear.

FGx 2.8.0rc1 for OSX

Postby gral » Mon Jul 16, 2012 3:18 pm

Hi all

A preview (release candidate) for FGx/FlightGear 2.8.0 rolled out. You can download rc1 here ( ~700 MB). It has current OpenSceneGraph/simgear/flightgear and a fresh FGCOM included, should all work on OSX >= 10.5. Just download, unzip and put into Application folder and double click the FGx icon.

FlightGear data (fgx-fgdata) contains a small aircraft selection only (you can download full fgdata via and point FGx to this aircraft directory when you want to have all aircrafts included i.e.).

Please test and report FGx related bugs and feature requests here:

Thanks a lot, gral

Installation: When you run an older version of FGx you better backup your profiles and delete "FGx" folder in "/Users/myname/Library/Application Support". Please delete also in "/Users/myname/Library/Preferences" all files containing "fgx". This will give you a clean and fresh install, hopefully without any errors. After starting FGx and flightgear successfully you can load the old profiles and save it under new names at different location.
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