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FGx 2.6.0rc2 for OSX

A launcher for FlightGear.

FGx 2.6.0rc2 for OSX

Postby gral » Fri Jan 20, 2012 8:32 pm

Hi OSX users

Here you can download a new FGx launcher version (TerraSync, FGCom for OSX, OSG 3.1.0 and preview of FlightGear 2.6.0 included):

Requirements: OSX >= 10.5, Intel-based processor (i386, x86_64), min. 2GB RAM, min. 256 MB VRAM.

For showing the OpenStreetMap viewer to select position, you will need a working internet connection.

The file has ~620 MB and includes a basic FlightGear data (fgdata) distribution.

Unzip the file, move it to your applications folder and doubleclick the "FGx" application. Please test the launcher and send a lot of bug reports and feedback to the FGx tracker at

Thanks a lot, gral

(Please note that this post was started with FGx-2.6.0rc1 release which was not working on most OSX installations unfortunately. When you’ve already downloaded rc1 please remove before using/starting rc2.)
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