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FGx 2.4.0b4 (beta) for Windows installer

A launcher for FlightGear.

FGx 2.4.0b4 (beta) for Windows installer

Postby gral » Mon Aug 08, 2011 10:09 pm

Hi all

You will find the FGx 2.4.0b4 beta for windows installer here: ... up-2.4.exe

"Windows Installer for WIN32. Downloading and running this installer will give you a desktop icon to use to run Fgx. The default install will be to 'C:\Program Files\FGx', and requiers about 40MB of space. And it includes an 'uninstaller' - in 'Add and Remove Programs' Control page."

You need a pre-installed FlightGear to run with FGx. You can also try to use hudson builds or "self-compiled" versions of FlightGear of course. Enjoy, test and report FGx related issues to the FGx bugtracker . Thanks !

Cheers, gral
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