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How to start recent FlightGear hudson/jenkins builds on OSX

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How to start recent FlightGear hudson/jenkins builds on OSX

Postby gral » Sat Jun 25, 2011 11:50 am

Hi all

Here is short example how you can launch hudson/jenkins builds ("daily" pre-compiled, recent binaries of FlightGear) on OSX, with the FGx launcher:

  • Download fg_mac_nightly_2.3.0.dmg here: ... -next-mac/
  • Open "fg_mac_nightly_2.3.0.dmg" with double-click and move FlightGear Application to your Application Folder
  • Open FGx and click on "Set path" button on core settings tab. Set paths manually:

Code: Select all

CUSTOM DATA DIRECTORY (in case there is a FGx in your Application folder!*):
Code: Select all

Import aircrafts and airports again, choose aircraft and airport and start FlightGear.

*Alternatively you can download a recent fgdata folder to use with hudson nightly builds. You get it from gitorious and then setting data path to this directory. Maybe this is something for more experienced OSX users. Downloading whole recent fgdata can take some time, fgdata has a heavy data overload with more than 300 aircrafts included and tons of other GB. "fgdata" will be splitted once in the future, actually it is a gitorious repo where you get more than 5 GB. But you can download it only once with git installed: "git clone git://" and after that update the folder with "git pull" everytime you need recent/updated fgdata. Following this you get the whole data folder only once (to install git on your mac see

Cheers, gral
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