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integrated FGCom in Flightgear!!!

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integrated FGCom in Flightgear!!!

Postby albicop_ » Tue Sep 21, 2010 2:35 pm

Dear FlightGearers,
I have tried lately to set up FGCom, but it did not work, it is much too complicated to set up and there are always problems in the cooperation with FGFs. For this problem I've thought of a solution. I personally know not whether the capabilities are, would the question is one of the developers. The following idea: Is it possible to integrate the FGCom in Flightgear?. That one does not need two programs, but that one just yet adjusts the frequency and speaks with PTT. That would be much easier and much more drivers would use it. There would then no more communication problems between the tower and the pilot and Flightgear would be much more realistic. This option could indeed be fitted for example in Flightgear 3.0. As I said, I am not a developer, I do not know how to do something like this and therefore ask the developers of FlightGear on these forward thinking idea.
Thank you for your answers
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Re: integrated FGCom in Flightgear!!!

Postby Yakko » Tue Sep 28, 2010 4:11 am

There are actjually some advantages to having it run as a seperate program....

For me - the advantage is I can it run it on a completely different computer than the one actually running FGFS itself (since FGFS sends commands to fgcom over UDP you can actually break them apart to 2 separate PC's).

Another advantage of the seperate process model is that you can run more than one instance of fgcom if you have a need to.

Building fgcom directly into flightgear would likely be difficult and decrease the versatility that it has now.

Of course the fgcom server seems to be dead now for a couple days, so it may all be a moot point....
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Re: integrated FGCom in Flightgear!!!

Postby Johan G » Tue Sep 28, 2010 7:03 pm

Yakko wrote:Building fgcom directly into flightgear would likely be difficult and decrease the versatility that it has now.

That's a very good point.
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