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Customizing TTS voces?

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Customizing TTS voces?

Postby rleibner » Wed Dec 12, 2018 5:16 pm

I'm trying to set different values into the "/sim/sound/voices/voice[n]" children props.
The goal is to allow the user's ear to distinguish who is speaking ("Pilot", "ATC", "Copilot", etc).
It seems it's not so easy.
No matter the values I set to pitch, speed, etc, the voice that is heard remains unchanged.

What is the right procedure to achieve that goal?
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Re: Customizing TTS voces?

Postby Hooray » Thu Dec 13, 2018 8:24 pm

The internal TTS engine is called "Flite TTS" (most recent, added by Torsten Dreyer), the external one is "Festival TTS" (Melchior Franz).

The process for creating/using different voices is documented separately.
How this is done in fgfs depends also on whether the corresponding hooks are added.

My suggestion would be to search the devel list archives for "Flite + voices" and "festival + voices", and maybe you could help create/update the corresponding wiki docs, too ? ... l_list=all ... l_list=all ... l_list=all ... l_list=all

If in doubt, it may also be helpful to run "git log -S" using "flite" and "festival" respecively.

PS: First of all, you may want to check $FG_ROOT/Docs (README/PDF)- at least the festival stuff might be documented there. Since then, many things have admittedly changed, so that it's no longer necessarily "en vogue" among the remaining share of core developers to document new/updated features in the form of dedicated README files, but you may still be in luck.
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