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Feature request? View offset for an offset...

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Feature request? View offset for an offset...

Postby Talkless » Mon Aug 28, 2017 12:35 pm

I have tried Opentrack with Aruco paper tracker ant it works fine, though the problem is that they use /sim/current-view/x-offset-m to change view offset, but that's overrides offset for "default" pilot head position, if I understand correctly, because I have to calibrate x/y/z in Opentrack UI for each aircraft I launch in Flightgear, otherwise I get view from centre of the vehicle...

Is this possible to implement tracking protocols that adds to the original FG-defined offsets?

Opentrack headtracking.xml looks like this: ... racker.xml
Code: Select all

Maybe we need some sort of "/sim/current-view/x-offset-m-2" for second layer of offsets, being applied on top of "/sim/current-view/x-offset-m" that FG controls by itself? This thould allow to use "Adjust View Position" dialog to fine-tune offsets if needed, and head tracker only would add on top of it.
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