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What do you miss most in FlightGear?

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What do you miss most in FlightGear?

Postby punkepanda » Sat Apr 09, 2016 11:51 pm

I know this is not a new idea on the forum. But I would like to see what other miss in terms of features at this point.

For me I miss the full simulation of necessary tasks from A to B for a big jet airliner with a reward and punishment system.
That be:

1. A bug free, complete cockpit, AP, FDM, systems and modern jet airliner(We now have complete general aviation like Cessna 172 and fighters like F-14 is very good). The 727 is also very good but it is not modern.
2. A working automatic ATC better or at same level as in FSX/Prepar3D.
3. A learning center where you can practice different in flight situations and tasks as a professional.
4. A mission list where you need to complete all missions to become a certificated pilot for each given class (General, fiighters, airliner, helicopter etc)

Just be having this implemented the FlightGear project will become so much more targeted against new pilots who wants to learn aviation. It will also be much more enjoyable and it will give the community a big lift when it comes to flying skills.

I know with myself that I would try to complete as many of the courses and missions as possible. And it would also be nice to have my stars on the profile as a skilled pilot.

How far away are we to be able to implement something like this and what more do we miss?

We all like good graphics and scenery so lets not make it about that since it is well covered in other threads.
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Re: What do you miss most in FlightGear?

Postby Hooray » Sun Apr 10, 2016 8:58 am

1) Like you say, I guess that is covered by the c172p - if you want to have a modern jet airliner, there are actively developed ones like the 777 - however, there are also some technical challenges that will prevent the 777 developers from implementing support for features like vnav: ... FlightGear

2) could be implemented in the form of scripted ATC using Nasal scripting - or alternatively, using OpenRadar and/or ATCPie with some scripting added to it to implement virtual controllers - that would have the added benefit that such an approach could even work for multiple connected clients (think multiplayer or distributed setups in the form of FSWeekend/LinuxTag)

3) & 4) This could be also implemented in the form of a custom Nasal/Canvas "app" (dialog), i.e. based on Stuart's tutorial system:
If you really want to have a "Learning Center", you could adapt the Nasal/Canvas based Aircraft Center:
Note that there aren't any hard restrictions - in fact, we already have subforum dedicated to tutorials and missions: viewforum.php?f=79 And Marius_A has begun implementing a framework to allow people to create their own missions: ... Adventures

For a video, see:

If you want ATC to be integrated with missions and tutorials, the whole thing should probably be server-based or use Nasal internally.

How far away are we to be able to implement something like this and what more do we miss?

With the exception of VNAV support and airliner tail-cams, pretty much everything else can already be implemented right now - so the main thing missing are people agreeing that they want to spend their time developing the corresponding features, or rather learning more about Nasal/Canvas or OpenRadar/ATCPie in order to create the corresponding addons.
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