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Feature suggestion for view adjustment

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Re: Feature suggestion for view adjustment

Postby Johan G » Mon Mar 14, 2016 6:37 pm

I am going to reply Michat and abasign here, even though I doubt it will have the desired effect. :|

@michat: What can I say except: When the decision is made it is made. :|


I am quite happy that Thorsten is still here even though it is not the first time that some people can not accept the simple truth that he himself will choose what to work with. Just like everybody else.

The reason his work is committed is because he have read in, experimented, built a prototype and have been able to communicate, on the developer mailing list, why and what he have been trying to achieve. And also that he have done the work in pieces not bigger than that they can be reviewed. That it have been committed is all about two things (1) communication and (2) making other peoples work adding his changes easy.

If you feel that some other things should be done, do what he did. Read in on how you could add what you want, experiment with it, build a prototype and communicate what you are trying to do and why on the dev mailing list. He showed up here with practically the same FlightGear related skill set as anyone else, including the both of you: Absolutely none.

Complaining, repeating yourselves, arguing about both facts and personalities is not going to get anything done. At all. Getting louder will only make it less likely that you will be listened to. Also starting to argue about personalities will give you warnings and other problems (and extra work and anxiety for the moderators).

Edit: Just removed some attacks on a persons character from some of the posts above, fully knowing that I might be perceived as a "moderator of Draconian censorship" due to that. :roll:
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Re: Feature suggestion for view adjustment

Postby Michat » Mon Mar 14, 2016 9:41 pm

@johan michat: What can I say except: When the decision is made it is made. :| I know, I'm not on a fight to get back sfo. Still we have KUFO :mrgreen: :wink: Sorry for giving you extra work.
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