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HeliTrim. Force Trim for conventional joystick

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HeliTrim. Force Trim for conventional joystick

Postby Marius_A » Sat Dec 06, 2014 4:13 pm

This script can be used to trim helicopters. It works as described below:

  1. Joystick is deflected “out of trim”, against centering springs;
  2. Trim button is depressed and released. FlightGear temporarily ignores movement of joystick (roll, pitch, yaw axes);
  3. Joystick is relaxed to it’s center position;
  4. FlightGear plays "click" sound and starts "listening" to joystick input again. The helicopter is now in trim and flight can be continued with relaxed controls.

Preview (green markers - joystick position; red markers - actual flight controls positions):

Download link here.

  1. Copy "helicopter_trim" folder to "FGROOT/Nasal";
  2. Configure joystick (bindings examples are supplied in /helicopter_trim/joystick_bindings_example.xml).
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Re: HeliTrim. Force Trim for conventional joystick

Postby Philosopher » Sat Dec 06, 2014 8:43 pm

IMO, the code that already exists in FGDATA is a little cleaner in how it handles axes because it doesn't require separate bindings ;). (It's in a funny place – maybe you didn't see it?)

With my bad piloting, I find that making the controls stay in one place for a couple seconds is usually a bad idea anyways.... :lol:
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