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phpVMS integrated ACARS for FlightGear

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phpVMS integrated ACARS for FlightGear

Postby 18merhabio » Sun Oct 26, 2014 12:43 pm

So I am running a virtual airline based in flightgear and I want to be able to have my pilots use an a ACARS system that works with phpVMS. Can anyone help develop an ACARS client for it?
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Re: phpVMS integrated ACARS for FlightGear

Postby Johan G » Sun Oct 26, 2014 1:03 pm

I am sorry but that is less likely to happen. You are asking for probably weeks of work even if someone knows what he is doing. That said it is not impossible to implement (though it is way above my head).

What information do you want to transfer and how often?

I am quite sure that using HTTP requests through Nasal scripts can do some things here. :wink:
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Re: phpVMS integrated ACARS for FlightGear

Postby Hooray » Sun Oct 26, 2014 1:51 pm

This should just involve working through 2-3 tutorials and adapting the examples/code snippets a little.

The basic steps are detailed at: ... from_Nasal
Instead of using the fgcommand approach, you'll probably want to use the "new" Nasal/http bindings:
Subject: xmlhttprequest for json
TheTom wrote:I've added support to perform any type of http request from Nasal for fg 3.0: ... load.28.29

Depending on the actual data it might be possible to parse the json using compile() and call() from Nasal.

Subject: Any way to get current flight info?
Hooray wrote:Regarding the xml-httprequest fgcommand, see: ... from_Nasal
Meanwhile, there are better/newer APIs available (native Nasal/cppbind): ... 2.99.2B.29

You'll really only need to set up a "task" that constantly makes http requests to pass FG property tree data (lat, lon, altitude, orientation etc) to a server-side script, i.e. using maketimer(): ... 2.11.2B.29

Someone already familiar with coding and a few FG internals/concepts, should be able to come up with a very basic working prototype in a few hours. For a list of relevant properties, refer to the built-in property browser, as well as the flight recorder subsystem (config file for your aircraft)

But you should probably be aware of omega95's work (see pointers above)
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