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Postby Michat » Sat Jun 01, 2013 9:15 pm

Hi all.

Bombable is a great addon for FG that is focus in dogfighting, I think would be great also to use Bombable for firefighting, so in this way we can use, cannadair, dromader, helicopters, catalyna, goose, tankers.. with many more multirole ideas.

My propossal is to adopt-adapt the name for the Bombable-FireFighters, offering even more to this awesome dev work by user Flug.

User can make evacuation from the roof of a skyscraper on fire, can make airwatering (tanker), move firefighting vehicles on MP or fight against a big country fire.

From my point of view, some missions can be easily edited for that, however I'm pretty bad with code.

Well, how about this idea, do you like it?
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Re: Bombable-FireFighters

Postby AndersG » Sat Jun 01, 2013 9:48 pm

Fire fighting over MP has been supported in FG since version 2.0.0. Check the wildfire settings dialog under Environment->Wildfire Settings and the FG wiki.

The number of aircraft supporting fire fighting is not large, though. The only one in fgdata I can recall now is the PBY Catalina flying boat (however, it looks like its support for wildfire has been removed?).
The wildfire-part of adding water, foam or retardant drops to an aircraft is just a few lines. E.g.:
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var resolve_impact = func (n) {
  print("Foam impact!");
  var node = props.globals.getNode(n.getValue());
  var pos  =
  wildfire.resolve_foam_drop(pos, 10, 0);

Setting up a suitable submodel to simulate the fall of water/foam/retardant to determine where it hits the ground and providing a suitable visual representation requires additional work.

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