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Need help: using/installing TerraGear and TerraSync

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Need help: using/installing TerraGear and TerraSync

Postby NewsDude » Thu Aug 29, 2019 3:46 am

Hi guys. I've been using FlightGear for a little while now (about a year), and now that I have the basics of the sim down, I'm trying to figure out the more advanced stuff.

The first things on my list are figuring out TerraGear and TerraSync. Because my scenery doesn't look like the scenery some other people have in screenshots. I've tried doing the automatic scenery download which is built into flightgear, but I always get an error message. "Unable to download scenery".

Anyone want to give me some tips?

My computer is a Mac.
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Re: Need help: using/installing TerraGear and TerraSync

Postby Johan G » Thu Aug 29, 2019 8:30 am

How the scenery looks is also to a high degree dependent on shader settings. For example regional procedural textures,[1] tree shadows, moving trees and grass. They might take a toll on the frame rate though. Note that only some few parts of the world have gotten regional textures and the extra work needed for them to look good.[2]

Regarding downloading scenery, you can expect it to be slow. Some people start up at an airport not previously loaded, and let the aircraft "sit in the ocean" and do something else while the scenery is downloaded, some use the TerraMaster[3] utility and some have developed their own scripts to sync their downloaded scenery with the scenery database.

A tip: I have learned the hard way that one should make sure that scenery have been downloaded well in advance of online events. :wink:
[1] See the FlightGear wiki articles Howto:Regional texturing (permalink) and Procedural Texturing (permalink).
[2] A good example of how well it can look is the the improved Hawaii scenery.
[3] See the FlightGear wiki article TerraMaster (permalink).
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Re: Need help: using/installing TerraGear and TerraSync

Postby pb321 » Fri Aug 30, 2019 3:58 am

Terragear is explained in detail in this excellent tutorial:
Searching this forum and the wikis will also find a lot of relevant information.
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