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FlightGear database updated statistics?

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FlightGear database updated statistics?

Postby Zequinha » Mon Jun 18, 2018 8:28 pm

Hi folks,

Is there any way of getting the updated .csv file of the static objects positions in the FlightGear Database?

My idea is to update the maps with the new static object positions and upload a few cute maps to the FlightGear Newsletter at regular intervals of time.

The previous file I have is ... s.csv?dl=1, which contains 5402 static models. Currently, as of June 2018 there are 7228 unique models ( ) so it would be very good to have updated static positions on the maps!

Check the maps on my previous post viewtopic.php?f=5&t=32606

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Re: FlightGear database updated statistics?

Postby Zequinha » Sat Aug 04, 2018 4:52 pm

ok, I scraped the data myself!

Here is the result. There are 4660 valid static models as of August 2018. Their positions in the world:


While I was scraping the data I noticed that many entries have models but they have 0 occurances (see for example 3261 - little boat by Christian Thiriot seems to be unused.)
Other entries (around 170 - see 6942 for example) in the database are 'dead'.
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Re: FlightGear database updated statistics?

Postby wkitty42 » Sat Aug 04, 2018 6:16 pm

unused entries were likely used at one time... they remain so they can be used again if desired...

dead entries? i'm guessing you are saying they point to non-existent files? they may still exist but be in another directory... models that were known to be used were moved to terrasync... there are still some models left in fgdata... sometimes the file names didn't match with all of the parts of a model... those unmatched files may have been left behind...

there's still more work to do in this area...

for example:
fgdata/ModelsAgriculture contains
Code: Select all

and terrasync/Models/Agriculture contains
Code: Select all

i've marked the duplicates with ">"... the above was done manually for this example...

the following oneliner will find and list all of the files and directories that exist and differ or only exist in one of the directories...
Code: Select all
diff --brief -r ~/myflightgear/TSScenery/Models/ ~/flightgear-dev/fgdata-ng/Models/ | sort | uniq

on my system, i get the ones that exist in both places but are different listed first... then the ones that only exist in fgdata and lastly the ones that only exist in terrasync...

i show 75 files that exist in both directory trees but are different.
i show 172 entries that only exist in fgdata. some of these are directories.
i show 3480 entries that only exist in terrsync. some of these are directories.

i suspect that the 75 duplicates that differ could be removed from fgdata since they are already in terrasync and should be properly referenced from there...
i suspect that some of the 172 entries in fgdata could be moved to terrasync. some directories like volcanoes, weather and generic could probably stay in fgdata and all the rest moved to terrasync... someone would have to look deeper and likely reference previous discussions about this on the dev mailing list to decide what goes where...
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