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Scenery not showing up

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Scenery not showing up

Postby Ivan-Pekar » Thu May 03, 2018 5:05 pm

When landing at an airport, I notice that visibility is virtually 0 on approach (about 500ft). The aircraft crashes at 0ft, with still no visibility. I check METAR, and the data shows good visibility (no fog or haze). The scenery for this airport is downloaded, so I don't understand why the scenery isn't showing up. I use 'Debug>>Reload Scenery'. In some cases, nothing changes. In most cases, the 'loading' page appears and the notice 'downloading scenery' remains there forever (i.e. it continues without stopping, I can't return back to simulator). So, in summary:

-Scenery isn't being displayed, instead fog appears
-When using 'debug', the simulator 'crashes'

Could anyone suggest a reason for this and what I can do stop this?
Thank you very much,
Ivan Pekar

Windows 10
FlightGear 2018.1
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Re: Scenery not showing up

Postby Thorsten » Thu May 03, 2018 5:33 pm

When you say the visibility is about 500 ft - do you mean you see a runway when it's closer to 500 ft from you, or what do you see and where else does the number come from?

When you say the scenery for the airport is downloaded - do you mean downloaded via terrasync, manually, did you check this by starting at the airport?

(Certainly if you had scenery for a region on disc, triggering Reload Scenery would not try to download any scenery if it is on disc).
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Re: Scenery not showing up

Postby Ivan-Pekar » Fri Jun 08, 2018 7:44 pm

I apologise for the late reply.
No runway or anything is seen at all. I was wrong in saying that visibility is 500ft, it is 0ft! I downloaded scenery from : --> ... 2.0.1.html
Sometimes, reloading scenery does help, and it is on disc.

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