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Landcover Data for Canada

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Landcover Data for Canada

Postby D-ECHO » Mon Jan 08, 2018 4:19 pm

Good day everyone!
On the website of the Canadian Government, there is landcover data for all Canada, which is by far more detailed than VMAP0: ... 5464cfdbb7 . According to the website, this data is licensed under the "Open Government License - Canada" (, which seems to be GPL-compatible, though I'd be happy if someone with a better understanding of the GPL would have another look on it. Maybe this data can be incorporated when building using the new Scenery build server TorstenD is setting up?
That said, if noone finds out it's incompatible with GPL (:D) I'll release some updated custom scenery for Montreal soon:
The gaps visible come from improper tg-construct settings exceeding the data part I've downloaded, at the borders you can see old VMAP0 scenery, the interior uses the mentioned landcover data. The biggest problem I had with this scenery is that there is no specific "town" and "urban" landclass, but only a pretty generic "manmade" landclass, which despite cities and towns also seems to include street areas, industrial areas, ports etc., maybe the use of OSM data can be of help there.
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