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missing taxiways

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missing taxiways

Postby pommesschranke » Wed Mar 01, 2017 12:02 pm

There's an issue with some airport layouts from the gateway:
Some scenery artist do not use "taxiway" to draw taxiways, but instead they use "draped polygon"/ 2D facade because then they have more choice of materials. Fir X-Plane that's ok. For Flightgear currently not.

WED is writing normal taxiways to apt.dat.
apt.dat is parsed & rendered to ICAO.btg.gz for Flightgear by genapts850.

But draped polygons are not written to apt.dat, they are written to a binary .dsf file.
genapts850 is not reading those.

The result: no taxiways at EDDS. I don't know how many more airports are affected.

I made a tool that converts those draped polygons to apt.dat-taxiways but it fails on some polygons - maybe those with holes ?
Here's the tool: ...

I invite you to debug/improve it with me.
- or wrtite a similar tool in you favourite language, or improve genapts850 so it can read dsf files.

With WED you can see the complete EDDS layout when you import the package from the gateway.
But if you start a new scenery package and import just the apt.dat from the current EDDS package you'll notice the missing taxiways. That's what genapts850 is seeing.

you can convert binary to ascii dsf file and back with DSFTool.
Usage: dsftool --dsf2text [dsffile] [textfile]
dsftool --text2dsf [textfile] [dsffile]
dsftool --env2overlay [envfile] [dsffile]
dsftool --version

dsf file spec: ... cification
apt.dat file spec: ... 0-Spec.pdf
and ... cification
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