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EDFZ, Mainz Finthen Airport

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Re: EDFZ, Mainz Finthen Airport

Postby DeltaSVEN » Sun Jul 05, 2020 10:23 am

Hello there,

Just implemented terrain data from Echo's Central Europe Custom scenery for the whole area around EDFZ. It's more defined and detailed than terrasync without creating ugly edges. Because of the better groundnet, I started cultivating Wiesbaden AAF (ETOU) as well!
The problem now is that the osm2city data, which I generated in 2016, needs to be redone. Unfortunately I still can't get my osm2city to work properly. Does someone have access to a working osm2city-environment and can generate roads, pylons and buildings based on this scenery?

Thanks in advance!

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