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Re: Planets

Postby Thorsten » Thu Jul 09, 2015 5:37 am

If you are referring to my postings

No, I was in fact not. You're your usual helpful (no irony intended) self in serving as the forum memory and pointing out past discussions.
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Re: Planets

Postby Hooray » Thu Dec 17, 2015 8:39 pm

Thorsten wrote in Wed Jul 08, 2015 5:14 pm:I'd be far more enthusiastic about the whole thing if anyone would propose to actually do something. Just stating what we need and what would be cool to have though isn't generating the manpower for anything.

Just a quick heads-up: this is the most recent idea/development, unrelated to TerraGear - favoring an Earthview- like approach by using existing SimGear/FlightGear code to dynamically add light sources and textured spheres at runtime:

Subject: Implementing moonlight (or not)
bugman wrote in Thu Dec 17, 2015 8:14 pm:
Hooray wrote:given that there is so much interest in spacefllight recently, it would be cool to work out what else may end up being useful sooner or later if exposed at the property tree level, i.e. to support earthview-like approaches, without having to re-implement/work around rendering logic that already resides elsewhere - even if that just means making things better configurable (or entirely optional using dedicated draw masks), while providing for a seamless transition between the corresponding approaches.

(in fact, an "architecture astronaut" might end up wondering what would be required to support arbitrary celestial bodies (think Moon, Mars) by exposing those using a property-configurable texture and corresponding parameters for an osg::Shape based array of LOD-enabled spheres :D )

For instance, imagine a custom PropertyList-XML dialect for instantiating celestial bodies by specifying a position, size, and 3D models/texture sheets for different LODs.

And yes, I would be willing to help work out the SGSubsystem/C++ and OSG magic/patches to make that happen in a generic fashion.

We already have support for adding models procedurally via /models, we can dynamically load/create/modify textures using Canvas, and we do support effects & shaders - so it would mainly seem like a matter of reviewing those features to come up with an interface so that arbitrary celestial bodies can be supported using these existing features.

(note that this seems to be how celestial bodies in Orbiter are structured: )

You got my 'reaching for the stars' reference :D The code I'm looking at is a few of the key parts of what needs to be adapted for landing on the moon! The ephemeris code, the lighting code, and the osg scene set up in the FG renderer. I was thinking of exactly what needs to be done for a moon landing (or orbit) as I was looking at all of this.

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