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Re: Random Buildings

Postby Hooray » Wed Oct 23, 2013 2:29 pm

Thorsten wrote:* Hooray has (probably) some more involved dynamical city-building scheme in mind (so have I actually) - finding an algorithm which dynamically generates a street pattern and places a plausible mockup of a city dependent on its knowledge of the underlying terrain. Much of the performance here depends on what models are placed - if models without an xml wrapper are used, it's going to be relatively fast, if not, then not. That's different from the situation with weather where we could never use models without xml wrapper, because the rotation effect needed to be declared there (merging the models to a whole block is also important though).

Just for future reference:

Subject: OSM buidings EHLE
zakalawe wrote:
radi wrote in Wed Oct 23, 2013 11:49 am:Osm2city is smart enough to not place OSM buildings if there's a static one nearby. So if Julien's buildings are in terrasync, they should mix well.

A thought occurs - this is much more blue-sky, could we run a C++ version of the script in real-time? As an alternative / replacement for random-buildings. This relies on two assumptions: that the input data per tile is sensible sized (tens of kbytes, or worst case a hundred for centre of really built up city), and that the script could run in 'almost real time' on the OSG Pager thread.

So we'd add the outline data as an additional file in each Objects/foo/foo/dir, and if this mode is enabled, look for the file and run the buildings creation script at that time.

Subject: OSM buidings EHLE
radi wrote:I like the idea of having this generated at run-time, and I'm quite sure a c++ version could be fast enough. Raw OSM input data is too big (50 MB for LOWI), but that a) includes *everything* and b) is xml.

But storing pre-processed data could be an option. A typical scene now easily contains 50k buildings. Reducing that to, say, 10k, should fit into well under 1MB. And of course I could modify the script to generate that outline data. Perhaps we can come up with a spec of the outline data at FSweekend.

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