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Normal generation removed from shaders in next

An exciting "new" option in FlightGear, that includes reflections, lightmaps, the particle system etc.. A lot is yet to be discovered/implemented!

Normal generation removed from shaders in next

Postby frtps » Sun May 03, 2020 9:24 am

I've just had a merge request merged into next: it simply removes generation of normals from all Effects in fgdata. In other words, urban.eff, planet.eff and planet-cloudlayer.eff have had
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<normal type=int ...>
removed from their <generate> stanzas. I'm pretty certain this should have absolutely no effect, as the attributes that would be generated by these stanzas are never accessed in the shaders. If somebody wants to take a quick orbit with the latest fgdata in place to double-check that I am right and that I haven't done anything dumb in the process, that would be great (I don't want to learn to fly the space shuttle just to check.)

There is a plan to make such requests to generate normals actually replace any normals found in the geometry rather than doing nothing if normals are already present as is currently the case. I've verified that there are no effects in FGAddon that explicitly request normal generation so there should be no visible to change to any current effects. If anybody sees a problem with this, now's the time to speak up.
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