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Problems generating Make file under Windows with CMake

Postby Lars » Mon Jun 25, 2018 3:16 pm

Hi all,
I tested around the entire weekend but I didn't get up a correct make file x64 following this tutorial: ... _-_Windows

I use CMake 3.11.4 and the latest VS version.

  • First I set up the folder structure as listed (expect renaming the msvc140-64 folder to msvc141-64 according to the make file for VS2017). There's the first problem that my boost-download (version 1.67.0) doesn't include a lib64 folder (perhaps replaced with the existing libs folder?)) I downloaded and copied the linked OSG and 3rdParty.x64 folder to the mentioned location.
  • After that I started CMake, entered the source folder of the downloaded simgear git repo and a build-output-folder.
  • After clicking on "Configure" and selecting VS 15 2017 Win64 on it's first run it didn't get the MSVC_3RDPARTY_ROOT. I entered the root path there, where the 3rdParty.x64, boost and install folder is located.
  • On a second run it didn't find boost because it is looking for it inside the folder above the MSVC_3RDPARTY_ROOT. As a solution for that I entered the variable "BOOST_ROOT" manual so it finds it (which is suppose shoudn't be like that :wink: )
  • In the next step it isn't able to find AAX INCLUDE_DIR and LIBRARY (is it needed for a "testing" build?) and OpenAL INCLUDE_DIR and LIBRARY. I set the OpenAL Library to 3rdParty.x64/lib/OpenAL32.lib and INCLUDE_DIR, in the hope it is correct, to 3rdParty.x64\include\AL.
  • On the next run it didn't find the OSG related stuff like OSGVIEWER and OSGUTIL (everytime the lib (_debug) and include dir).

Most likely it's my own fault... But after spending around 10-15 hours on this and searching a lot around the forum and wiki (and also looking into the CMakeList.txt) I have no clue what is going wrong.

Does anyone see my failure?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Problems generating Make file under Windows with CMake  

Postby zakalawe » Mon Jun 25, 2018 3:30 pm

VS2017 isn't fully supported yet, you would need to use the fg-from-scratch script someone is working on. The official builds and windows3rd-party repo are build against VS2015, that's likely why the MSVC_3RDPARTY_ROOT stuff didn't work as expected for you
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