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Anyone build w. Windows w. an IDE? where/how to get boost?

Building FlightGear from source, and in the need for help?

Anyone build w. Windows w. an IDE? where/how to get boost?

Postby mucm » Thu Apr 26, 2012 3:13 pm

Hey gang,

In order to tie FlightGear into another device on our LAN, I need to make a one line change in the source and recompile (need to fudge the Input/Ouput > NMEA option to use AGL altitude instead of AMSL altitude).

In past months I eventually got this compiled in Linux (which looked easier, and was good enough when the destination machine was under my control), I am now trying the same in Windows (for a colleague that needs the same change, but is not running on a Linux box nor a box under my control).

I have thoroughly read:
[2] ... _-_Windows
[3] ... _-_Windows
[4] ... sing_CMake
[5] viewtopic.php?f=45&t=13852

I am new to MinGW as a compiler suite and to MSYS as a unix-y utilities suite (mostly a Linux boy), and new to NetBeans as an IDE (mostly an Eclipse boy), but I have gotten them installed and can compile the NetBeans Welcome sample project (so I know my compile-related paths are okay), and can run the resulting .exe (so I know my run-time related paths are okay).

My first stumbling block is, I download and unzip boost_1_49_0.7z, and in NetBeans, I do New Project, I choose "C/C++ Project with Existing Sources" as stated in [4], and I click Next. It asks me for the folder that contains existing sources, I point it to the unzipped boost folder. However the Next button is greyed out and it says "No make files or configure script were found in folder ________". The boost project appears to be using a Perforce JAM based make system.

If I change the configuration mode from Automatic to Custom, I can click Next, but the error on that screen is "No makefile specified". From there I can either leave "Using an existing makefile" radio button selected but using that Browse button I can find no makefile within the boost folders. Or conversely I can use the "Using the makefile generated by the configure script" radio button, but then with that Browse button I can find no configure script. As a hack, I can at least point that at the "bootstrap.bat" because at least it is an executable file, and it will allow me to finish the New Project screens (clicking Next, accepting defaults for all remaining screens), but clearly this is not correct.

Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong?
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broader question: ANY windows compile method for first-attem

Postby mucm » Fri Apr 27, 2012 2:22 pm

Okay, my math teacher always used to say, "if you can't solve a problem, solve a simpler problem". So let me simplify the question.

It doesn't need to be with NetBeans IDE; I don't care if it is Eclipse, Visual C++, CodeBlocks, or a non-IDE command line method of compilation.

It doesn't need to be with the MinGW compiler.

It doesn't need to be leading edge source from Git, it can be release 2.6.0 source from a zip. I just need to make a one line change. Four characters actually.

So... what is the windows compile method for which a README or Wiki page is the most up to date?

And/or what is the windows compile method which is step-by-step enough that it is most likely to work for a first-attempt-at-FlightGear-on-windows person? (who's familiar enough to have gotten it working in Linux).

And/or what is the windows compile method that the largest portion of other FlightGear on windows users use, such that the most potential advice is likely to be available?

I know that lack of planning on my part doesn't necessarily constitute an emergency on your part, but this is a work-related application of FlightGear so I'd like to get this finished and off my plate, so, any guidance greatly appreciated.
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Re: Anyone build w. Windows w. an IDE? where/how to get boos

Postby Tuxklok » Fri Apr 27, 2012 5:43 pm

The Austria Scenery Project - more info
fg-scenery-tools - gitorious | videos
fgcomgui - Open source, cross platform, gui front end for fgcom. more info

More random musings and doings can be found on my personal site. (work in progress)
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Re: Anyone build w. Windows w. an IDE? where/how to get boos

Postby mucm » Mon Apr 30, 2012 5:32 pm

Tuxklok wrote in Fri Apr 27, 2012 5:43 pm: :?:

And this page, which as noted above, I already was aware of, helps me how?

As a first-timer, I have no way of knowing which of the many wiki pages are most complete, most step-by-step for newbies, most up-to-date, contain the least gotchas for newbies, etc, etc, etc. I initially gravitated towards NetBeans and MinGW because I figured whatever hurdles I learned about would help later on Linux too.

Anyway, I have since gotten some help over IRC, used a simpler approach (just release 2.6.0, no Git involved, and yes it was mostly from that wiki page), and amended the relevant wiki pages where I found them unclear to a first-timer.

Thanks anyway.
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