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FlightGear Segfaults on Startup

Building FlightGear from source, and in the need for help?

FlightGear Segfaults on Startup

Postby noonan » Sun Apr 10, 2011 4:37 pm


I tried to run FlightGear V1.9.1 after compiling from source. Compile went well, and initialization starts on program startup. However, after a minute or so it enters a swapping orgy and after another minute the program segfaults. Here is what I get on the console:

highscreen [10:41] [~] <# 2> fgfs
Model Author: Unknown
Creation Date: 2002-01-01
Version: $Id: c172p.xml,v 1.20 2008/09/01 15:14:33 torsten Exp $
Description: Cessna C-172
FGMultiplayMgr - No receiver port, Multiplayermode disabled
KI266 dme indicator #0 initialized
Initializing Nasal Electrical System
Scaling image '/usr/local/share/FlightGear/data/Textures.high/Signs/black.png' from (4096,128) to (2048,128)
Scaling image '/usr/local/share/FlightGear/data/Textures.high/Signs/red.png' from (4096,128) to (2048,128)
Scaling image '/usr/local/share/FlightGear/data/Textures.high/Signs/framed.png' from (4096,128) to (2048,128)
Scaling image '/usr/local/share/FlightGear/data/Textures.high/Signs/yellow.png' from (4096,128) to (2048,128)
Segmentation fault

Yep. System details: Linux kernel on a Pentium-III Coppermine with 512 MB RAM and XFree86 (yes, really). FlightGear was built using the following elements:


I should mention that I had a bit of a bother with my libpng installation; on first pass OpenSceneGraph-2.8.3 picked up the wrong png.h (from version 1.2 rather than 1.4) which it duly reported on startup. I recompiled both OpenSceneGraph-2.8.3 and FlightGear and the libpng warning went away.

Yes, I am aware that FlightGear 2.0 is out. No, I don't want to try building this, because building boost is too big a hurdle - I do have boost, but the variant that can be built with autotools, which alas is too old for 2.0.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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