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Anyone that complains about modern flightgear!!!!!

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Anyone that complains about modern flightgear!!!!!

Postby Clive2670 » Fri May 26, 2017 9:56 pm

Anyone that complains about modern flightgear!!!!! I think should step back in time and do what I did ( Not that I have any complaints! ) Download, as I did version flightgear 0.9.9 from circa 2001-2003, and see just how far forward this fantastic bit of simulation software has come in 16 to 18 years, nothing short of a miracle!!! Yes it all revolves around the computing power of machines "back in the day" as well when 256Mb was "good RAM" and 512Mb was top end. Pentium® 4 Processor
1.80 GHz was classed as fairly well top of the range for a top end PC, Which you pay £3000 But also it's programming I think for it's year was very forward thinking and ahead of it's time. If you think back in the early noughties, if you wanted a PC that had the computing power of say my one (see below) 1: you couldn't get it unless you were NASA! 2: You couldn't afford it even if you could get it! , Maybe you have to pay somewhere in the region of £10,000 + for a PC with a processor and RAM of my Spec', and lastly you were on "dial up" internet NOT BROADBAND who remembers that? all that buzzing and different notes being played over your speakers as it downloaded 400k of info' that would take 5+ minutes to download!!! We now expect 1 gigabyte to download in about 2 minutes!!! So my sugestion is give 0.9.9 a look and see what you are actually getting nowadays! you will be amazed. Thanks you Thorsten and all the Dev's for all of your hard work and please don't loose faith keep up all the hard work!! If you agree that not enough thanks are given to all concerned in this great piese of software say your piece below and let them know we do care and appriciate all they do!!!
Thanks Clive aka: G-BLS01, BIGJET1
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Re: Anyone that complains about modern flightgear!!!!!

Postby Flyngo » Sat May 27, 2017 6:06 am

Agree and + 100 on this. First had the Microborg Simulator on Atari, then for a short time a very old version of FlightGear on (very powerfull (;-) 486 Dx, the screen gave some hints, but the simulation had to be built in your head. Now its totally different, I can exactly see where I fly & crash;-), can do Earhardts last flight or scheduled airlining or touch down on Harrison Fords favorite taxiway ...
The development of FG shows the good aspects of community, not money driven progress - very important in this world. And I hope reporting bugs and probs is not taken as "complaining", for me it is like interesting detective work - and on the way (as time and computer illiteracy permits) how complicated that stuff is under the hood.
From here big thanks.
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