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Post link to Table of Models from main FG page

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Post link to Table of Models from main FG page

Postby openflight » Wed Oct 07, 2015 6:29 am

Is it possible to place a link to the table of models from the websites Aircraft page? It could say something like "For further information of on aircraf models, please see Flight Gear table of models.

Also, each aircraft on the download page could have a 'more info' link that links to the wiki entry for that aircraft. Granted, some pages are not updated. I could work on updating the pages I have actually in the process of doing this.

Anyone new to FG or persons who want to quickly look up Wiki information through the table of models will find this convenient.

This will make FG more interesting to those who are looking for info on FG aircraft.

I would also find it convenient to check which model wikis need to be updated with a few images of the aircraft and cockpit.
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