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Re: Contributing to FlightGear

Postby Philosopher » Fri Nov 21, 2014 2:35 am

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Re: Contributing to FlightGear

Postby ludomotico » Fri Nov 21, 2014 2:58 pm

The code is in ... / and it seems pdflatex is called only once. I think the loop is not correct, but I need some more coffee:

Code: Select all
buildpdf () {
while [ ${CYCLE} -ne 2 ]; do
CYCLE=`expr ${CYCLE} + 1`
if [ ${SOURCE} != "FGShortRef" ]; then
makeindex ${SOURCE}

CYCLE is initialized to 1. It is not equal 2, so the loop is entered, pdflatex is run, then CYCLE++ (now, CYCLE==2)... and the loop exits after only one pass!

I think the intention was "-ne 3" as the condition of the while, or initializing CYCLE=0. But even a "-ne 4" won't hurt.

In any case, using a loop just to run a command twice seems a good way to obfuscate a code :)
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Re: Contributing to FlightGear

Postby twingemini1959 » Thu Jan 15, 2015 12:03 am

This is my modded bo105, as flown by me, zippy: ... IrQ-a?dl=0

You will see the zipped file....let me know if it works!
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Re: Contributing to FlightGear

Postby stuart » Thu Jan 15, 2015 5:34 pm

Hi Guys,

Well spotted on the script bug. I'll update the getstart git repository tonight.

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