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ATC for flightgear (IFR/VFR Flights)

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ATC for flightgear (IFR/VFR Flights)

Postby Karanza » Wed Jun 19, 2013 6:52 am


Wouldn't it be a good idea to implement an air traffic controller which will automatically guide you from your origin to your destination by providing you with Take-off/landing clearances, Altitude, Heading, Altimeter,Squawk Codes and runways.

Some flight simulator games that are created by Microsoft have those kind of features and i think it will be easier for all pilots to have an air traffic controller rather than having to decide when it will be the best time to climb and when it would be the best time to descend.A lot of my friends who play flight gear were thinking about adding that feature because they need the guidance to get to their destination safer rather than not being provided with the required information that they need.

Here is how the process will work:

1. There will be an option when you start flight gear on either the launcher or on the top of the toolbar.
2. There will be a 3 step process on filling and filing out your flight plan.
3. The first step would be filling out your Origin and Destination Airports, crusing altitudes, and the type of flight which is either IFR or VFR.
4. The second step would be entering your waypoints and required altitudes/speeds, a virtual map will be provided to you so that you will know what the flight plan is like.
5. The last and final process would be entering the SID/STAR and Route (This would really help because it will be able to calculate both Top of Climb (T/C) and Top of Descent (T/D).

After going through the three step process, all of the data and information about the flight plan is then filed to the air traffic controller, So once you are ready to push from the gate they will give you the information that you need in order to get to your destination safe and efficient.

if this would take too long to do then another option that we could do is use the Route Manager and connect it with the Air Traffic controller, by putting in the waypoints and required altitudes/speeds and then having something that will send the waypoints and altitudes to the Air traffic controller and then from there on, like i said you will get the information that you need before you start departing from your airport.

I know this is a good suggestion but it will take longer to code and program, but what do you guys think about this idea? Do you think that it can be used for the upcoming version or it can be included in future versions once we have everything fixed and functioning perfectly. We really need something to provide us with information while we are flying all across the globe because i find it unsafe when we fly without an Air Traffic Controller.
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Re: ATC for flightgear (IFR/VFR Flights)

Postby levimalachi » Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:09 am

It will be definitely great, as many accident or air-crash would be avoided.
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