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Should have a sha sum Aircraft-2.8/ - Corrupt Scenery Files!

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Should have a sha sum Aircraft-2.8/ - Corrupt Scenery Files!

Postby rogerx » Fri Dec 28, 2012 11:27 pm

Just ran into an issue here with wget, and found I was using an old incanatation of wget which downloaded all versions of the aircrafts (ie. versions ..., 2.6, 2.8) and put everything into one folder. Same with the Scenery folder contents. However, it's fortunate the Scenery folder has a shasum.txt for all files within it and I easily parsed the output of "sha256sum -c" with a quick script to check each file existed and it's checksum matched the most recent 2.8 version, and easily removed the 86 scenery files that failed. Unfortunately, the Aircraft-2.8 folder doesn't have any md5sum/shasum file!

Most I could do was verify every aircraft file downloaded from a quick copy/paste listing of the remote folder contents from the browser and move the apparent 2.8 version files to another separate folder. It's very likely I have some corrupt aircraft files, as I found 86 scenery files corrupt while downloading the scenery -- due to the old wget incanatation I used.

However, the scenery likely had files without versions or dates appended, causing wget to get confused. Since the aircraft have versions/dates suffixed, likely the downloads are good. But I conclude, files on the server should all have md5sum/sha1sums, similar to the Scenery folder. Having a checksum file just makes things easier.

The following scenery files are listed as corrupt on the mirrors:

This first mirror, I checked the 20 files listed by removing them and re-downloading them without successful validations using sha256sum.
w140n60.tgz w140s10.tgz w150n50.tgz w150n60.tgz w150n70.tgz w150s20.tgz w160n10.tgz w160n20.tgz w160n50.tgz w160n60.tgz w160n70.tgz w160s30.tgz w170n50.tgz w170n60.tgz w170n70.tgz w170s20.tgz w180n20.tgz w180n50.tgz w180n60.tgz w180s20.tgz

This second mirror, I tried to download the following file and it was still listed as corrupt using sha256sum. I would pressume the remainder 19 files are also corrupt at this point. ... ry-v2.8.0/
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