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fgkml - Google maps flight tracker for FlightGear

Postby mudrd8mz » Fri Mar 09, 2012 4:08 pm


This is my first post here so firstly, thanks everybody who ever contributed to such a nice piece of software as FlightGear is.

Just for your information, I just published the first version of my fgkml script. The script reads the CSV log of the flight and generates a KML file that can be imported to Google maps to visualise the flight path (apparently the log file must provide the coordinates of the aircraft during the flight). The code is available at my GitHub repository

I personally found the post-flight analysis of the log file pretty interesting and useful for the training feedback. So beside this script, I've been also using LibreOffice Calc to make a chart with the altitude profile of flights etc. See the attached screenshot of the script's result.

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Re: fgkml - Google maps flight tracker for FlightGear

Postby CasJanM » Fri Feb 13, 2015 9:24 am

I tried using the python code from your website but it only creates empty .kml files from my data.

Could it be there is something wrong with the code? E.g the commented .kml section after the return statement? My python knowledge is really limited, could anyone please verify if the code works and my problem lies elsewhere?

/e I use Portable Python on my PC. Version 3.2 does not work with the code because of several syntax errors. Version seems fine. The Windows Shell shows some Data running through when starting the script but the .kml file is always empty.

/e2 I managed to keep open the python program window. It seems the kml script gets generated from the point where the coordinates are inserted. The upper part of the file is completly missing. Still no output in the .kml file.

/e3 As the data shows up in the Portable Python window i suppose i make a mistake in the windows shell. Currently my input looks like this:
/...> Python-Portable.exe Daten.csv > Name.kml

/e4 I managed to redirect the output into a .kml file under windows by adjusting the print statement in the python code. Please excuse my ignorance.
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