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2.6 - compliment to the developers

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2.6 - compliment to the developers

Postby sgofferj » Sat Jan 28, 2012 3:44 pm

I have been bugging the devs with quite a number of bug reports in the last few weeks, so I think, now it's time to give some compliments also.
Since 2.6.0.-RC, I have not experiences a single segfault in flight. The performance has increased significantly, subjectively, as well as provable.
FG is not so sensitive about high amounts of MP players anymore. There still is some stuttering when MP players join but that was greatly reduced. Also, the overall performance is better. I haven't had single digit framerates at KSFO in a while.
Generally, despite more eyecandy, the graphics performance seems to have increased significantly, also. In 2.4.0 and earlier 2.5.0 versions, I was rarely getting more than 30fps. If so then only above water or so. With 2.6.0-RC, I regularly get 60fps in rather empty areas and still 20-30fps with lots of objects and stuff going on in the scenery.

Very well done, all!
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Re: 2.6 - compliment to the developers

Postby helijah » Sun Jan 29, 2012 6:57 am

+1 :)
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Postby wildfalcon » Tue Jan 31, 2012 8:51 pm

Congratulations on a successful 2.6.0 release. Thank you for all your efforts in bringing us a top quality product.
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Re: 2.6 - compliment to the developers

Postby uzoezie22 » Tue Mar 20, 2012 1:51 pm

Great work. After all we strive to make thing easier and more funfull
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Re: 2.6 - compliment to the developers

Postby jspcrepair » Fri Aug 17, 2012 4:36 pm

+1 and Here, Here! :D

I would like to extend my Sincere Thanks and congratulations to everyone for all of their hard, long, and tedious work
that has went into FlightGear to make this (IMHO) The Absolute Best Flight Sim out there!

I have seen others that have taken their idea from FG and then are selling it.
I think that is very wrong - for them to try to "Sell" what is "Free" and Open Source is just plain wrong!

I have been interested in learning to fly a helicopter for a long time, in the hopes that one day, I can own and fly
an Ultralight or small 2 Seat "Sporter" of some sort and FG has helped me gain much knowledge of the basic
principals, procedures, and terminology used in Aviation.
Paired with some FAA and other Flight Instruction Manuals I have, I feel a bit more confident that I could pass a
basic "Ground School" course.

I started using FG about a week ago and after numerous crashes and many hours, I have learned how to combine
Pedal/Collective/Cyclic/Throttle enough to perform good lift off, decent (but often bumpy) landings, and a fair
Controlled Hover.
I have learned how to maintain a good Altitude/Attitude combination for a decent level, steady flight and have
reduced Rotor Stall and "Wobble" like I was doing in the beginning - I was getting too much speed and either Climb
or Fall and/or too much "Tail" and "Lift" and was causing the Helicopter to lose power and begin sever wobble until
it would stall and I could not recover... Especially in the HUEY, which is a much heavier craft than say the EC135 or
Allouette II - I can't tell you how many "Nose in the Ground" crashes I suffered in that thing... LOL
But the HUEY is one of my favorites.

Now, I am much better at most aspects thanks to this sim.

Because I have a very good eye for measurement, distance, level, etc., I feel a little more confident now, that I could
get in an ultralight and do fair to ok my first time.

My kids love this SIM also... my oldest likes flying the HUEY and my youngest is fascinated by watching the Helicopters
on the ground... just sitting with the motor and blades going. :D

Thanks again and - Keep Up The Great Work! :D
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Re: 2.6 - compliment to the developers

Postby jspcrepair » Fri Aug 24, 2012 7:16 pm

WOW! That was fast! - LOL

Now I MUST Congratulate you all on 2.8!

It is a bit better in a few more ways... Especially the new aircraft...
and it runs better on my system than 2.6 was doing. :wink:

Keep up the great work people! :D
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