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Standardizing and Updating FG Websites

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Standardizing and Updating FG Websites

Postby kyokoyama » Sat Nov 20, 2010 6:09 am

I recently took a look at the foreign FG websites lately.
Here are what I've noticed:

1) The Spanish site was basically a copy of the English FG site, albeit the different language.
2) The French and Japanese sites are basically the same; it uses the old FG logo that the Wiki used up until last year. IMO, it needs a major revamp.
3) The Portugese site was the same, except there was a new layout that made it pretty easy to navigate.
4) Finally, the Russian site looked more like a blog... but with nice screenshots!

Point is, most of the regional variations of the site, despite being the same project, are completely different in quality, visual feel and ease of navigation.
Considering what was said in a different thread, as follows:
Algernon, on the Flight Pro Sim debate thread, wrote:Maybe a competition to design a new brand and front page for FlightGear would kickstart us into improving the impact of the first point of contact with users.

I think that if this idea were to be followed, changes in the visual aspects and layout of the FG website for all languages may be needed.

This should make the site on par with the Web2.0 community, attract new users, stand out from FlightProSim, provide some more unity for the many FG communities and just plainly refresh the front desk of the FlightGear project.

What do you guys think? Please tell me your opinions, thanks!
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