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Industry Acronyms

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Industry Acronyms

Postby DCQCRanch » Wed Jan 13, 2021 5:14 am

Hi All, I've been reading a LOT of great info on this incredible forum, but have one inevitable question: Is there a resource posting, page, or something defining all the trade vernacular of acronyms for FG forum? :?: :?

I am nearly completely green to flying, let alone all the technical jargon of the industry. I know real simple stuff like VFR, IFR, some plane parts to gather what some refer to. But I'd sure like to learn the acronyms of the industry.

MANY thanks in advance for any helpful insight on this. :wink:
Chuck Elchlepp
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Re: Industry Acronyms

Postby WoodSTokk » Wed Jan 13, 2021 6:13 am

There are many acronyms in aviation.

Many instument has a acronym, here are some of them:
AI: attitude indicator (also known as artificial horizont; working with a vertical gyro)
ADI: attitude director indicator (like AI but with command sticks)
DG: directional gyro (a direction indicator working with a horizontal gyro)
HSI: horizontal situation indicator (like DG, but shows also the radial for navigation and deviation horizontally, also vertically on a glide slope)
ALT: altimeter
VSI: vertical speed indicator
IAS: indicated air speed
RMI: radio magnetic indicator
OAT: outer air temperature
COM: communication radio
NAV: navigation radio
ADF: automatic direction finder
DME: distance measuring equipment (mostly coupled with NAV)
XPTR: transponder
AP: autopilot
FD: flight director
FMC: flight management computer
PFD: primary flight display
MFD: multi function display

ATC: air traffic control
TWR: tower controller
GND: ground controller
APR: approach controller
DEP: departure controller
ATIS: automatic terminal information service
ASOS: automated surface observing system
CTAF: common traffic advisory frequency

NDB: non directional beacon (will be used with ADF)
ILS: instrument landing system
MLS: microwave landing system
LOC: localizer (part of ILS that gives the lateral situation)
GP: glide path (part of ILS that gives the vertical situation; also known as GS for glide slope)
VOR: VHF omnidirectional radio (will be used with NAV)
DME: distance measuring equipment (often part of ILS to give you also the distance to runway theshold or touch down zone)
TACAN: tactical air navigation (military used only; has always a build-in DME)
VOR-DME: combination of VOR and DME in one station
VORTAC: combination of VOR and TACAN in one station
GPSS: global positioning satellite system (like GPS, GLONAS, Galileo, etc...)
LAAS: local area augmentation system (not simulated in FG)
WAAS: wide area augmentation system (not simulated in FG)

background of radio waves:
LF: low frequency (NDB work here)
MF: medium frequency (NDB work here)
HF: high frequency (COMM radio for long range (Atlantic Route, Pacific Route) work here)
VHF: very high frequency (COMM radio and NAV radio work here)
UHF: ultra high frequency (GP, DME and TACAN work here)

And there are many many more.
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Re: Industry Acronyms

Postby Alant » Wed Jan 13, 2021 10:01 am

If you Google "aviation acronyms" you will get several lists, some very large. Many are from official organisations such as the FAA.
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Re: Industry Acronyms

Postby DCQCRanch » Wed Jan 13, 2021 6:07 pm

WOW! MANY Thanks! Good Lord, I'd say they're are a handful to recognize. :)

Oh yeah, duh on my part. Aviation Acronyms via Google. (*DOH!*) :roll: :wink:

Thanks again.
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Re: Industry Acronyms

Postby Johan G » Thu Jan 14, 2021 1:17 pm

Soon enough nobody will be able to follow your explanations too. ;)
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