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Torque Control

Helicopter flying is completely different from flying a fixed-wing aircraft and thus requires different skills.

Torque Control

Postby sanhozay » Fri Oct 10, 2014 12:50 pm

I'm just getting into helicopter flying and finding it as hard as everyone else seems to. Lots more practice is required but I think I've got a semblance of the basics.

I have a couple of questions about torque control:

a. When hovering, how active is the torque control? Is it pretty much fixed and just compensating for the torque from the rotor, or is it quite active, working in conjunction with the cyclic to return to the target spot? I'm conscious of trying not to use the torque for steering but is it an active part of the steering during hover?

b. After transitioning to forward flight, would you use rudder trim to trim the torque control to achieve nose-forward flight? Or do you just take any slight crab angle that comes?

I'm using a twist joystick with separate throttle and mostly flying the EC135 from Git.
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Re: Torque Control

Postby someguy » Fri Oct 10, 2014 1:42 pm

A. I don't use it, because it's unpredictable and unrealistic, and interferes with learning how to stabilize a heli without conscious thought. Use your rudder manually, and the control interrelationships make better sense. It helps if you can disable or remove the twist spring.

B. Forward flight still requires rudder input IRL. Do I bother? Not often, so it's crab city. I don't know if the EC135 even accepts rudder trim, much less how to apply it.
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