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Settling w/ Power: Can Someone Help Me...

Helicopter flying is completely different from flying a fixed-wing aircraft and thus requires different skills.

Settling w/ Power: Can Someone Help Me...

Postby jspcrepair » Sat Aug 25, 2012 1:40 am

Hi there,

For a little over 2 weeks, I have been using FlightGear and can now do pretty good with
most Helicopters...
I am Fair to Good at Take Offs, and do a really good job of keeping a steady flight with
altitude, speed, etc...

Since I started using the Mosquito XE, I have found a quite difficult thing to avoid or
recover from.

Up until now, I have only experienced Rotor Stall and have Capsized a couple times in
the heavier Heli's... but this Light, Little Thing... WOW! lol

When I lift off, I can do a Controlled Hover and fly off into the Sunset... but...

When I try to land it, that is Another Matter... I am experiencing "Settling with Power"
and cannot seem to figure out how to land softly and effectively.

I was able to land one time pretty good but even that was with too much forward momentum
and when I touched down, the Heli "Slid" forward about 30 feet like a Sled in the snow... LOL

I have read and re-read the conditions that make the Vortex happen, and I have read the steps
on how to avoid it and how to recover from it if I have enough altitude... I even watched a video
on Youtube about it but for the life of me, I just cannot land this thing without going into the Vortex

If I lift off and stay in "Ground Effect", I can hover and move forward and fly it good then land it well
but if I am taking a short trip and am up about 4 to 6 hundred feet, I cannot seem to get it low enough
safely to land easily.

Can someone help me with the steps I need to stay out of the Vortex State and land safely?

How the Heck do I land this thing without killing myself (every time)? LOL
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Re: Settling w/ Power: Can Someone Help Me...

Postby someguy » Sat Aug 25, 2012 1:57 am

Assuming you aren't interested in disabling the SWP effect :) , I recommend planning farther ahead. The usual issue is coming in too high and too slow. Start your descent from far enough out that you can stay above the critical speed until you're close to your landing spot, and dont drop below that speed until you're just above the ground. Practice, practice, practice!
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Re: Settling w/ Power: Can Someone Help Me...

Postby mr_no » Sat Aug 25, 2012 2:29 am

Wrong forum.
Anyway you should read instructions on SWP in M-XE help. SWP in M-XE may be little stronger that in RL but it's an effect that helicopter rotors have. It happens when you are flying too slow (under ETL~18kts) , descending too fast (over 500 ft/min) and collective is over 20%. Just keep you speed over 20 kts when you are descending to the ground. When you are little over ground you can slow down and add power for stable hover.
Then you should reduce power very slowly. Take your time. Use PageDown if needed. PageDown makes smaller increments than joystick throttle.

To get out of SWP push forward and lower the collective.

To understand transition from hover, over ETL to forward flight you should read some manuals on helicopter flying on the internet Here are videos of R22 flight training.
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Re: Settling w/ Power: Can Someone Help Me...

Postby jspcrepair » Sat Aug 25, 2012 5:36 am

HI, and thanks for the replies.

I will try as suggested... no, I really don't want to disable anything if at all possible because I am
really trying to learn and understand the full concept and procedures for flying a Heli.

I have numerous flight training manuals and have been looking at videos that deal with various

I have a pretty good understanding of many aspects but I really want to know how to deal with
an emergency if necessary because I plan on getting an Ultralight one day and I don't want to
just jump into trying to fly it without first getting to know more about how they operate and
handle and so far... FG has been a great help in those areas.

As I said, I am doing really well in Take Offs, Controlled Hovers, flying... and have even been
doing some limited Aerobatics in Heli's that really aren't meant for that... LOL

Odd thing is... the Vortex State most happens when I have gotten into a low, near landing position.
I can come down from over 500ft at about 30 to 40 kts at a rate of 300 to 500 fpm. I get about 15
feet from the ground, tip back and lower throttle and collective to reduce to hovering and that's
when it happens... I am just about ready to land and SLAM! Down I go.

That is when it most often occurs.

Thanks again and I will try your suggestions and see how I do...

I sure know how to do the "Sliding Stops" now pretty good... LOL
Coming in at about 30 to 40 kts and about 5 ft from the ground, tipping back and reducing collective
and throttle and I touch down in a Slide about 15 to 30 ft... LOL (but that isn't what I want)
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Re: Settling w/ Power: Can Someone Help Me...

Postby jspcrepair » Sat Aug 25, 2012 7:42 pm

Thank you for the information on this issue.

I worked on my landings last night and used the suggestions and now, I can come in to landing
position at any altitude with a speed above 30kts, slow the engine and rotor RPM, get within
10 feet off ground, tip back and lower power to a hover and land fairly soft.

Thank you! :D
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