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F4U: Looking for beta-tester (sounds add)

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F4U: Looking for beta-tester (sounds add)

Postby Mystermind » Tue Sep 08, 2020 3:02 pm

Hello world !

First, i'm french, so if you could excuse my understanding language.

Next, i fly on the F4U corsair (Many thanks to the creator Detlef Faber). But, when you download this plane ; there 're no sounds.

So, i had adding some sounds. It's not good, but it's better than without.

That's why i looking for some peoples to test this plane with the sounds; cause i had using some sounds witch was in the FG_ROOT/Sounds folder.

To that ; you need install the F4U on your system and download the following link:

And copy this one into your Aircraft folder where is installing your F4U directory:
Code: Select all



PS: If the conclusing of this test is good ; i will purpose to gat this update directely in FG (I had modify only the sounds).
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Re: F4U: Looking for beta-tester (sounds add)

Postby Mystermind » Fri Sep 11, 2020 5:15 pm

Nobodies looks like interesting ?


-Nasal: Failure (in F4U/Nasal/failure.nas)
-Wing Break for negative G-Load
-Gear Break for negative G-Load
-Message: Once only for wings torn
-Message: Once only for gear break
-Alarm signal for positive and negative G-Load (using in F4U/Sounds/F4U-sounds.xml)
-Alarm signal for Overspeed (using in F4U/Sounds/F4U-sounds.xml)
-Message: copilot for Overspeed (Once only)
-Message: copilot for positive G-Load (Once only)
-Message: copilot for negative G-Load (Once only)
-Message: copilot for recovering of overspeed, negative and positive G-Load (Once only)
-Message: copilot for flaps: "Overspeed", "Stay in", "Damages", "Underspeed", "Prevent in", (Once only)

-Nasal: Failure (in F4U/Nasal/R2800.nas)
-Message: Once only for engine died (rpm, manifold pressure)

-F4u-set: (in F4U/f4u-set.xml)
-Include F4U/System/f4U-view.xml
-Include F4U/System/f4U-menu.xml
-Include F4U/System/f4U-help.xml
-Include F4U/System/f4U-engine.xml
-Include F4U/System/f4U-consumable.xml
-Include F4U/System/f4U-control.xml
-Include F4U/System/f4U-keyboard.xml

-F4U-view: (in F4U/System/f4U-view.xml)
-F4U-consumable: (in F4U/System/f4U-consumable.xml)
-F4U-control: (in F4U/System/f4U-control.xml)
-F4U-engine: (in F4U/System/f4U-engine.xml)
-F4U-menu: (in F4U/System/f4U-menu.xml)
-F4U-keyboard: (in F4U/System/f4U-keyboard.xml)
-Keymap to select:
-Tank [0]: "Ctrl-t"
-Adjust oil-visc at 1.0: "D"
-Full of fuel: "d"
-F4U-help: (in F4U/System/f4U-help.xml)
-Help: Adding news keys and protocol to start the engine (without engine break during the fly)

-Sounds: (in F4U/Sounds/F4U-sounds.xml)
-Wind: Canopy Open/Close, Exterior view
-Alarm: Gear up (And, so, low altitude alarm)
-Alarm: Gear break
-Engine : Low/High/Idle rpm, shut down
-Creak by Overspeed (using signal in F4U/Nasal/failure.nas)
-Creak by negative and positive G-Load (using signal in F4U/Nasal/failure.nas)
-Gun Fire
-Click Magnetos
-Click Tank
-Click Oil-viscosity
-Click Full of fuel
-Click Nav Light (No tested)

-Optimize conditions
-Sounds crash on water
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Re: F4U: Looking for beta-tester (sounds add)

Postby Raptor » Sun Sep 13, 2020 4:58 am

I cant see F-4U in FG Aircraft selection window after replacing your f4u-set.xml
I am using FG v 2019.1.1
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Re: F4U: Looking for beta-tester (sounds add)

Postby Mystermind » Sun Sep 13, 2020 12:00 pm

I am on 2018.3.2 and Linux (debian). I don't have problems.
Maybe i had upload a bad version of the file in dropbox.

So, i had upload again this file.

But, maybe the F4U original could not be execute in the 2019 version of flightgear.

Thanks Raptor.
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