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EA300: GPL V2 Violation: Author Name Removal

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Re: EA300: GPL V2 Violation: Author Name Removal

Postby bugman » Mon May 18, 2020 7:35 pm

The following is for reference and clarity, to help the casual reader understand the legal implications here:

The issue discussed here is independent of licensing. The licensing chosen is irrelevant. This is basic copyright law and it applies in almost all countries of the world. When person A owns a copyright and does not transfer it or make it public domain (i.e. there is no longer copyright), person B cannot legally remove the copyright notice.

A licence of copyrighted material created by person A allows a person B to use that material according to the conditions of that licence. However the copyright is always owned by person A. The licence sits on top of copyright law. This is essential for open source licenses - if you violate the licence, the licence is null and void and what remains is the original copyright, you then have no permission to use the material, and continued use of that material is basic copyright violation.

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Re: EA300: GPL V2 Violation: Author Name Removal

Postby cobe571 » Wed May 27, 2020 10:36 pm

It took me a long time to start writing this. However, it is time to talk about my mistakes and my faults over the years in this community. I made more than one mistake and not only with Josh (Octal). I have no excuse. I threw Josh's name away and passed that piece of code like mine. Not only. In a very arrogant way I used a very rude language, and it was not the first time that I behaved that way. I haven't respected you in many ways. I haven't respect the whole community. To name the most important I knewd in the whole community. I can say that I didn't respect Emmanuel Baranger, much earlier, who taught me many things and introduced me to the FG community for the first time. I know he will never forgive me, but this is the right place to say how wrong I was. I didn't respect FGUK's StuartC in many ways, being myself an asshole and a really fucking bastard. My attitude fucks me and you were right. I know he will never talk to me again. But like I said, I want to admit my faults. I also did it with Abbasign who received the worst words and worst moods from me. Like the others I have named, I think I will never get an answer. I did it with Maverick16 and many other people too. Every person I have named is a true collaborator of the FG project. Their efforts and work have inspired me many times over the years. My attitude is always terribly wrong. I make my mistakes, I realize I'm wrong in too many ways. I fight day by day to control my anger. This is a fact in my life for many years. And being angry, I also act stupid. I am also ungrateful. I have learned a lot from all of you. With all of you I made the worst mistake. I acted like an ungrateful bitch. That's all. I really feel wrong. I feel I don't deserve to be here so long. I wish I could think I could keep doing something of my 3D models, but I can't go on if I don't admit my mistakes in front of everyone first. For all of that I want to say I'm sorry. Yes, I'm sorry. It will never be enough, for the most of you, but I will never deny my faults, my lacks, and I admit all my mistakes.

Kind regards,
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Re: EA300: GPL V2 Violation: Author Name Removal

Postby wlbragg » Wed May 27, 2020 11:35 pm

The fact that you recognize some aspect within yourself that you want to make better and are able to voice that in front of the entire community is a huge positive. Your work is amazing and you are a great asset to a project such as this. I wish you nothing but harmony and peace of mind. We all make mistakes, some of us never recognize them or admit to them so you are one step ahead. Don't sweat the small stuff!
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Re: EA300: GPL V2 Violation: Author Name Removal

Postby Octal450 » Thu May 28, 2020 12:59 am

Patrizio - I am honored by your words, it is much appreciated. All of us make mistakes from time to time, I've definitely made my fair share of them here on the forums.
I also apologize for any harsh things I have said about it.

I wish you the best with your projects :)

Kind Regards,
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Re: EA300: GPL V2 Violation: Author Name Removal

Postby portreekid » Thu May 28, 2020 8:25 am

It shows greatness and not weakness to admit a mistake like that.

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