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F-22 development  

Postby PL-NEXT » Thu May 14, 2020 4:50 pm

Who is bored of the F-16 ?.
Maybe we will build the F-22 Raptor?
But better than the F-16 or even Cessna 172!
We need everyone:
Who can program,
Who can model 3D?
And everyone who wants to help.
It is possible that we will take 3D models with X-Plane or FSX, if we do not go.
I will prepare a repository in GitHub.
Together we will do it. :D :D :D OPEN SOURCE
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Re: F-22 development

Postby J Maverick 16 » Thu May 14, 2020 5:16 pm

Ehm... it doesn't really work like that.
F-16 is constantly worked on by Necolatis, me and many others who put their free time into gradually making it better on a daily basis. Reading that you're bored about it might be your personal problem, but not mine or others'.
F-22 above all is 5th gen, which means most of its tech is classified by DOD, including most cockpit systems, performance graphs, wind tunnel data, etc. Just to name a few.
And FGUK has an F-22 model, if you really want to have a look at it. It's just not very developed in the public version.
And don't even think you can use models from X-Plane or FSX as most might be payware and/or not compatible with GPL v2 licensing at all. Do not even attempt using those, especially without a written consensus by the author (which I highly doubt would give the go-ahead), as you may end up in serious legal trouble.
All that said, good luck with your endeavors.
Regards, Mav
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