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Modifying Rascal to create my own aircraft

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Modifying Rascal to create my own aircraft

Postby MosesKhan » Thu Dec 05, 2019 7:15 pm

Hello everyone,,
I am trying to create my own aircraft by modifying the files in the Rascal folder. I have the 3d model of my aircraft in 3ds format and the engine and propeller xml files created on aeromatic web site. Here is what I have found so far:

1) When I replace the .ac file (rascal's model file) with my own model file (.3ds file), I can see the plane and it flies just like Rascal.
2) After step 1, if I replace the Rascal's engine file (the xml file) with my own engine file (again xml file), when I launch FlightGear, I can see the plane. But when I start the engine by pressing 'S' key, I see lots of smoke. I assume the engine is started at this point but I am not sure. But the plane does not move.
3) If I replace the Rascal's propeller xml file with mine, same result happens as in step 2.
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Bottomline is; the plane does not fly after steps 2 and 3. Where can I start investigating this problem?

Any help is appreciated.

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