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Anybody needing GA aircraft reference photographs?

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Anybody needing GA aircraft reference photographs?

Postby MosesKhan » Thu Nov 28, 2019 12:02 pm

So I've recently started working out at my local aerodrome (YRED) am around a fair few planes, luckily this means I get some good access to them to 8)

Anyway, as of today (18 Dec) we have at work:
1 Cessna 177 Cardinal VH-EKR
1 Tecnam P92 Eaglet (this particular aircraft was used as the base for a payware FSX addon) 24-7600
1 Aerospatiale Tobago (Socata TB10 Tobago) VH-LER
2 Colyaer Freedom S100's VH-LDH 24-7761
reverse image search email checker port checker
plus there's always aircraft coming and going out. Looking around, there was work done on a Cessna 177 but no release. We have a P92 ECHO but not EAGLET (someone tell me the differences?) There's no Tobago (really nice aircraft that, probably because I gave -LER a thorough clean up today haha.
And nothing about the Colyaer Freedoms. Remind me alot of the A5 from Microsoft Flight. As they are amphibious (we call 'em boats)

I may as well take a camera in and take advantage of the access I have. I'm hoping I'll be able to get consistent work (and by consistent, I mean each holidays, as they work Mon-Fri 8-5, so school impedes on me working any more...) so that I can get more images over time.

Anyway, it is just an offer being thrown out. Would really boost the FlightGear general aviation industry :lol: if we could get some highres reference photos, and thus, textures for use.

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